Growing Vegetables in Containers

Have you ever tasted fresh dug potatoes? You don't know what you're missing! The sweet succulent flavor is unparalleled. Compared to potatoes shipped in and stored until you buy them at the local grocery, well, there is no comparison.  You say it's too hard growing your own? You don't have a garden plot big enough? We have the answer that will have your family praising your talent at every meal.

Grow your potatoes the Smart Pot way!

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Variety! – There are a thousand different varieties of vegetables. Your local store sells only a few. Try growing some exotic potato varieties, or other vegetables.

Potato Container
The Smart Pot Fabric Containers make the difference. Plastic containers get too hot for optimum vegetable growth. A recent study at the University of New Hampshire showed that on sunny, 80-degree days in New Hampshire, temperatures inside plastic containers can be up to 125 degrees.  Potatoes and other vegetables do not grow when container temperatures reach the cooking range. The fabric Smart Pot containers, on the other hand, breathe. The fabric containers release heat, so your potatoes and vegetables continue growing all season long. Heat release makes growing vegetables in containers possible. 


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